At New York Men’s Fashion Week, the future is bright and we are on board. There was an overwhelming sense of embracing diversity and individuality in its many shapes and forms. There truly is no longer one model type to fit them all. Walking down the runways, we saw an array of personal styles that could easily march themselves from runway right out on to the crowded streets of NYC.

We focused our keen grooming eye on how grooming styles played a role in each overall look. We saw a few key trends:

1. If you’re going to be clean shaven, do it well. Soft, smooth skin made an appearance at many shows. The look was freshly shaven with healthy looking, moisturized skin. It wasn’t just about removing hair, it was about the end result and the final look. Shaving includes caring for your skin and sometimes an overlooked piece of the puzzle. To get this look at home, we suggest a curated solution tailored to your needs. The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave is a great place to start in your quest for a smooth shave.

2. Beards made their way to the runways. It is not a usual runway trend in Fashion Week, but one we applaud. After all, we do like beards around here. If you can grow it, we can groom it. Again, excellence in creating your bearded look was key. These were well groomed, thoughtful beards with a character and style all their own. Whether long, short or in between, owning the look is paramount. Our beard products are a great way to keep beard hair looking its best and brightest as you walk the runway of life.

3. Hair styles were intentionally textured and formed. Both simple slicked back styles and high volume coifs made their way to the runways, along with many berets in fact. Hey, we sometimes have a lazy hair day, I can get behind the berets. But for those sans beret times, wash and go isn’t going to cut it. Grab an easy to use paste, pomade or gel from our new hair line to whip your style into shape.

4. The shows were filled with models, artists, activists and even some construction workers (The color orange was an overwhelming theme in many shows). All shapes, sizes and colors were represented. You could look at the runways and see yourself amongst the crowd…. well at least the super hip, extremely well groomed version of yourself. This is still Fashion Week after all.

The message was clear. The trend was choosing your own style to suit your look. Whatever your personal mission may be, let your confidence exude that you are unique and take pride in how you present yourself to the world.

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