As summer winds down, it’s time to start thinking about your fall look. For those of you looking to add a bit of extra autumnal warmth to your face with a beard, you’ll want to lay the ground work now.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “How can I grow a thicker, fuller beard?”. The plain truth is in your genetics. You cannot create hair growth where it does not exist. Chemicals like Minoxidil are meant to stimulate growth in already active follicles to minimize the loss of hair. They have seen the most success when used on the scalp. They cannot magically make hair grow on your face where it never has. Alopecia is a medical condition and, depending on the type of alopecia, can affect your beard hair. This particular type of alopecia is seen in approximately 2% of the US population. If you have seen a significant loss in beard hair (from what you know you are able to grow), you may decide to see a doctor for possible treatment. For the other 98% of the population, you will have to accept the beard hair Mother Nature bestowed upon you.

So now that you know your beard hair growth pattern is out of your hands, let’s discuss what you CAN control to enhance your beard’s healthy look.

Full, thick beards are the product of two general factors:

1. What kind of beard hair can you grow?
2. How well do you take care of the hair you can grow?

First, make sure your skin is prepped for the healthiest looking growth possible. Use a facial scrub to remove dead skin and follow up with a moisturizer. As your hair starts to grow in, keep it clipped and trimmed so the growth looks even as you are finding your fullness and preferred length. Love the skin you’re in. Let your natural growth dictate the beard shape you will maintain. Find a style that best suits your face shape, while working with the hair thickness and length you have. Once you find your sweet spot of length and fullness, you’ll need to maintain your beard on a daily basis. Use a refreshing beard wash and conditioner to cleanse and soften beard hair. Follow up with styling products to help your beard lay well and minimize straggling hairs.

Beard Oil

Dry Balm

Stubble Balm

Moustache Wax

For additional help use our beard shaping guide below.